LASIK Patient Story: Pollette G.

“When you're done, you open your eyes, and you have the gift of sight. The moment that I was able to see for the first time, I did ask myself: Wow, why did I wait so long?”

A Real LASIK Patient Story: Pollette G.

There’s much to be learned by reading about LASIK eye surgery, but there’s no substitute for hearing real, first-hand experiences straight from the source.

Every day, people visit LASIK Vision Institute locations across the country to take the first steps toward clearer vision, and the lifestyle freedoms that laser eye surgery can provide. We love hearing about the experiences of our LASIK patients, and we hope you will, too!

Watch this actual LASIK patient story, and learn first-hand from what Pollete has to share about her experience.

Why did Pollette choose to have laser eye surgery?

“I was really tired of wearing contacts, and being dependent on the glasses.”

What does Pollette remember most about The LASIK Vision Institute team?

“The team there, I cannot stress enough how amazing they are. They’re just so caring, they’re so sweet, and they really made me feel like they were my family.”

What was it like to have LASIK eye surgery?

“The surgery is literally… not even 10 minutes, from start to finish. It is just the quickest surgery.”

How did Pollette G. feel after having laser eye surgery?

“When you’re done, you open your eyes, and you have the gift of sight. The moment that I was able to see for the first time, I did ask myself: Wow, why did I wait so long?”

Pollette’s story is a great example of what we hear so often from people who choose to have laser eye surgery at The LASIK Vision Institute. Many patients ask themselves the same question as Pollette did after having the procedure, and there’s no need to wait to learn more about whether LASIK is right for your needs. In fact, learning about laser eye surgery is easier than ever, with the help of the team at The LASIK Vision Institute.

Are you interested in learning more about your own options for LASIK eye surgery? It all starts with scheduling your free consultation at your local LASIK Vision Institute location, which you can do with a phone call or by filling out a quick form on our website. During your free consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about LASIK, get answers to all of your key questions, and discuss your options with an experienced LASIK professional.

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