A Timeline of Your LASIK Surgery Procedure

Are you getting ready to undergo LASIK vision correction?

Are you getting ready to undergo LASIK vision correction? Any surgical procedure can cause you to feel nervous or anxious, but corrective laser eye surgery is nothing to worry about. You may feel more at ease if you have a better understanding of what this process is like, so let’s review a timeline of what you can expect before and after your procedure.

Preparing for LASIK
There are several things you can do before your day of surgery to ensure your LASIK procedure goes off without a hitch. First, if you are currently wearing contact lenses, you’ll need to switch to glasses for a period of time determined by your doctor leading up to your LASIK surgery. This is because contacts can change the shape of your cornea, which your LASIK doctor will need to measure accurately before he or she begins the treatment.

The day before and day of your LASIK surgery, be sure to avoid wearing any eye makeup or eye cream. These substances can interfere with the procedure and may increase the risk of infection. Ask your doctor if you have questions about wearing eye cream or eye makeup before your LASIK procedure.

Also, you will want to ask a friend or family member to be available to drive you home following your procedure.

Following your procedure
Typically, your eyes will remain numb for about 30 minutes following your LASIK procedure, so most patients don’t experience any discomfort right away. However, don’t be alarmed if you experience some minor discomfort after your LASIK laser eye surgery. Some patients may feel like they have something in their eye and sensitivity to light or glare. Your eyes may tear or water, but you must avoid rubbing your eyes until you have fully healed.

Attending every scheduled follow-up appointment with your LASIK surgeon is an essential part of your recovery process. Expect to meet with him or her within 24 to 48 hours of the surgery along with additional scheduled follow-up appointments to monitor your progress as you continue to heal. Everyone experiences LASIK recovery differently, so it’s best to discuss with your doctor when to resume certain physical activities, wearing eye makeup, exercising (including swimming) and sports.

In terms of results, some patients begin to see benefits of LASIK surgery almost immediately. Others may experience a fluctuation in their vision during the healing process, and it’s not uncommon to see glares or haloes around lights at night during this time.

A note on safety
While this guide may be helpful for you as you get ready for your LASIK procedure, the final word on preparation and recovery should come from your doctor. He or she will provide you with specific guidelines on how to get everything ready for your surgery and what you should do to stay safe and heal quickly during recovery. Regular communication with your LASIK doctor will be instrumental in making your operation a success, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with the laser eye clinic as often as necessary.

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