5 Steps of LASIK Surgery

At The LASIK Vision Institute, you can be on your way to clearer vision in 5 easy steps. The LASIK Vision Institute will help guide you through the process and give you the easiest, safest, and most comfortable patient experience every step of the way.

LASIK surgery is the most common laser vision correction procedure, and has helped millions of people around the world see better every day.

But what is the process for having LASIK surgery? You can break it down in 5 simple steps.

LASIK Eye Surgery – 5 Easy Steps

First, schedule an Free LASIK Consultation – The first step of the process is to call The LASIK Vision Institute (LVI) or complete an online request form on this site to schedule your FREE LASIK Consultation. The many LVI Centers nationwide offer flexible scheduling that can fit with most patients’ schedules.

Second, attend a Free LASIK Consultation – At the Free LASIK Consultation, you will meet with the LVI team to learn about the procedure, the company, and have the opportunity to have your questions answered by our professional team members.

Third, attend a Pre-operative Exam – Most of the time patients can attend a pre-op exam conveniently scheduled with their Free Consultation so that more extensive tests can be performed to confirm that the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. Our experts will use scanning technology to measure the different aspects of your eyes. That way we know the best way to solve your vision issues.

Fourth, have a LASIK procedure – The actual LASIK procedure only takes about 15 minutes. Once you arrive for your appointment, your surgeon will put anesthetic drops in your eyes, and then use specialized equipment to create a thin hinged flap in the cornea – the clear front part of your eye. Next, your surgeon will activate the LASIK laser. While monitoring and tracking your eyes with a computer, they’ll use the laser to precisely reshape the cornea and give you better vision. After the laser has completed its work, your surgeon replaces the flap on your cornea – without stitches – and you’ll begin to notice the difference almost immediately.

And number 5, follow the post-op guidelines – The final step is a short recovery. After your procedure, wear sunglasses and have a friend drive you home. Rest your eyes for about 24 hours – take a nap, and avoid watching television, using the computer, or reading for a little while.

Your surgeon will schedule some follow-up consultations. While you’ll want to be careful with your eyes – and avoid eye makeup or other products for a few weeks – most people are able to go right back to work the following day.


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