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Centro de Cirugía de Providence

The LASIK Vision Institute

298 West Exchange St, Suite 100
Providence, RI 02903
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4.9 Stars · 408+ Reviews

Went in to see if I'd be a good candidate. I didn't think I would because other places have told me I'm legally blind and have a "lazy eye" but I was! I never had dry eyes before or really any other eye problems besides really bad vision in my left eye. Day of surgery I was very nervous but I was around people who were getting it done with me. When I went into the room I started panicking but the nurse held my hand and talked me through it! It wasn't bad. The 2 hours after surgery are…

Madison M.
Madison M.
in the last week

LASIK Vision Institute was very helpful in getting the information clearly provided to me and process to actually schedule and receive the surgery went flawlessly thanks to Jeannie who was very responsive and helpful at every step of the procedure. The follow up appointment also went so quickly, which was nice as I was still healing. Thank you for your help and ability to deliver a positive outcome through positive procedure.

Jay K.
Jay K.
a month ago

I felt so taken care of here. Lasik was a shockingly easy procedure, but it was still a little anxiety-inducing, so I was very appreciative of the thoughtfulness, gentleness, and warmth of all the staff. Jeannie is such a gem — she fed everyone pizza while we waited for our procedures, worked hard to find a payment plan that worked for my budget, and remembered me when I came for my follow-up visit. I’d definitely recommend this place.

Leigh K.
Leigh K.
3 weeks ago