Centro de Cirugía de Orlando

The LASIK Vision Institute

1800 Pembrook Dr. Suite 120
Orlando, FL 32810
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4.9 Stars · 1458+ Reviews

The experience was great. The staff and the doctors were amazing. They’re very detailed and inform you about everything. The initial consultation was done at LASIK Plus but my surgery was done here at the LASIK Vision Institute. It all depends on the schedule of the doctor, and availability to where your procedure will be done at. Both are sister locations, so it’s the same and run by the same people. Surgery was about 4K, and they have different financial options. My only regret is not getting this sooner.

Nicole D.
Nicole D.
2 months ago

Life Changing. If you’re hesitant about LASIK, read this first. I’ve worn glasses and contacts for over 36 years and now in my 40’s I have 20/15 vision! I’d considered getting LASIK for years but instead of making an appointment to get more info, I’d do the usual and make an annual appointment at my eye doctor usually spending around $1000 for new glasses and contacts that would last until my next appointment. Not this year…I received my annual eye exam reminder and knew that if I didn’t do it now I never would. I set up a zoom appointment…

Mel .
Mel .
a month ago

Overall, the 15 minute procedure was quite a journey. Very different than what I imagined, but totally painless. However, I’m very grateful that I went through and got it done. The day before, I walked in without my contacts with blurry limited vision to the next day waking up with fixed 20/20 vision! I’d recommend this to anyone looking to fix their eyesight. BIG THANK YOU to the LASIK team for this :) - Larry Thomas

Larry J.
Larry J.
a week ago