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Centro de Cirugía de Louisville

The LASIK Vision Institute

6420 Dutchmans Parkway ,Ste. 185
Louisville, KY 40205
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4.8 Stars · 284+ Reviews

Great experience from beginning to end! I was able to see clearly for the first time in my life without glasses or contact lenses pretty much right away. They check multiple times for the right prescription for you and adjust your eyes to that prescription. It's amazing technology and was virtually painless. Highly recommend it to anyone who can save up and would like to get rid of their glasses and contacts.

Sarah W.
Sarah W.
5 months ago

Dr Greenberg was amazing and his staff. I went from seeing very little without my glasses and now 2 days post procedure I see 20/20 out of both eyes! Would recommend to anyone considering

Dakota V.
Dakota V.
4 months ago

Service with a smile. Three appointments was all it took. My consultation was with Dr Morgan. He was very clear with how the produce takes place and open to all questions. Visit two was my operation Dr. Feng was very confident which made relaxing much easier. I was in surgery for less then 30 minutes. I was very near sited with a stigmatism. And to get out of the operating room and be able to read clocks and even things across the street was amazing. Visit three was a follow up with Dr. Morgan the day after the procedure. I…

Skyy M.
Skyy M.
10 months ago