Centro de Cirugía de Brooklyn

The LASIK Vision Institute

16 Court Street, Suite 801
Brooklyn, NY 11241
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4.9 Stars · 1088+ Reviews

Had a really good experience here. The staff was very professional and comforting both before, during, and after the surgery. Extremely happy with my results.

Julia Y.
Julia Y.
a week ago

Had my lasik surgery this Friday (short-sighted, about -7 both eyes), July 23. Very professional. I needed monovision and was guided through pros and cons really well. Went for it. The procedure went smoothly and quickly, I was scheduled for 2 pm, was done by 2:30. Now I see well both in the distance and up close - monovision works better than I expected. I really recommend this clinic. The price is great and the quality is excellent. I'm sincerely thankful to the doctors and nurses who do the exams and treatment. My only regret is I should have done…

Vladislav M.
Vladislav M.
2 months ago

I did the PRK surgery which is recommended for those who particupate in activities that may involve facial trauma (professional fighters, police officers, fire fighters, construction workers, etc) because it shaves off eye cells as opposed to creating a flap like Lasik. Lasik has a much quicker recovery time though. I was in the facility for between 1 and 2 hours for my surgery appointment. I had 20/400 vision with a slight astigmatism before surgery. After 5 weeks, I am now seeing with 20/15 vision! Everyone was very knowledgeable, patient, and personable about my concerns and questions. Dr. Beyer did…

Gabriel C.
Gabriel C.
a month ago