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Centro de Cirugía de Albuquerque

The LASIK Vision Institute

7850 Jefferson St. NE, Ste 160
Albuquerque, NM 87109
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4.8 Stars · 369+ Reviews

Dr. Lovato and his staff in Albuquerque were excellent! They were extremely kind and patient and gave me a ton of info on what to expect before, during and after the procedure. I had lots of questions during my consultation which they were able to answer and explain in a straightforward way that was easy to understand. The day after surgery I'm seeing 20/15, wearing my sunglasses and am extremely happy!

Candice L.
Candice L.
2 weeks ago

I've had to use glasses my entire life and finally made the courageous decision to get Lasik all staff I encountered were polite nice and took very good care of me I felt assured and was given the knowledge needed to make my easiest decision in life! The procedure was quick and pretty much painless other than the pressure that is expected, The doctor as well as the two assistants in the room made me feel calm and confident in their abilities! Recovery as far as eyes feeling normal was overnight, My follow-up the next day was very pleasant and…

marissa s.
marissa s.
a month ago

I chose to have the monovision corrective surgery done and I am extremely happy with the results. I am having issues with my left eye. My issue is not due to anything on Dr. Lovato or his staff, but rather my left eye didn’t take the full prescription. They were patient and thorough in my post examination by explaining to me how to achieve intended results. I trust my vision to these skilled professionals. I highly recommend them.

Alysia B.
Alysia B.
4 weeks ago